Circle Time

Each morning campers from all age groups meet to share what they have learned, check in about the progress of thier projects, and to discuss fascinating topics.  Circle times are a rare chance for children to come out of their shells as they share their observations and experiences.  

Smart is Asking Questions

At circle times, children learn what it means to think actively rather than to passively wait for knowldege to come their way.  Through fun question making and mystery object games kids learn that intelligence is more about questions than answers.

High Voltage Anyone?

Often circle time begins with a scientific demonstration of dazzling high voltage electricity, impressive air pressure dynamics and explosive chemical reactions to get our natural curiousity and intellectual juices flowing.  

Focus Groups

Through a generous exhibit lending collaboration with the Santa Fe Children’s Museum campers engage in focus groups to critically evaluate exhibit designs and present improvements. 

Collaborative Game Making

Few adults are familiar with the creative and intellectual power possesed by an organized group of kids.  Making and modifying games is one of our favorite circle time activities.

Our Heroes

Anyone who has been to Big Sky has heard of the inventor Nikola Tesla.  That is because he is Michael's hero.  Heroes show us who we can be and what we can acheive.  At circle times we explore the heroes in our lives and learn about great thinkers and creators who changed the world.