In the Workshop

Workshop Time

Build It! is where learners age 5 to 14 are led by trained instructors in the creation of exciting projects in a real workshop.  Small groups of campers work under the supervision of teen mentors (many of whom were Big Sky campers themselves). Mentors are led by qualified adult teachers who work under the direction of Big Sky director Michael Sheppard.  

Like Engineering School for Kids  (and the campers think it is all for fun)

In the Workshop your child will learn to use mathematical tricks that are commonly used by engineers and craftspersons.  In a uniquely low pressure environment your child will learn the purpose of measuring and calculating using fractions and decimals. 

Journal keeping and mechanical drawing give your child a chance to learn more deeply as they develop their kid brained contraptions.

Learning From One Another

Build It! is community of campers, interns, and teachers all of whom get a chance to learn and to teach.  

Exciting Projects 

The camp projects are inventions created by older campers who function as project developers during the school year.  Each step of the process from the creation of instruction manuals to the purchasing of materials is completed by teen mentors under the direction of Mr. Sheppard.

Give your child the chance to grow in a community that fosters creativity, competence, and confidence.