Summer Camp F.A.Q.

Where is Build It! 

Build It! Santa Fe will be held at the Santa Fe Children's Museum.  Build It! Los Alamos is located at Bethlehem Lutheran Church.  The Big Sky office and mailing address is 186A Arroyo Hondo Road, Santa Fe, NM 87508

Can I put my 8 year old in the 9-11 group or my 11 year old in the 12-14 group?
If at the time of the camp your child is within one month of turning the required age and you have received permission from Michael, it is possible.  Please do not request an age waiver if your child is not one month from the required age at the time of the program.

Can my child take the same workshop twice?
Absolutely.  Kids get so much more out of a project the second time through.  They may even find themselves helping the first timers which is a great self esteem boost.  Come to think of it, in the world of invention and engineering who does a project only once?

How do I pay?
Our online payment system will accept your credit card or PayPal payments.  We no longer accept check payments.

How do I receive a scholarship?

Click HERE for scholarship information.

Will the little kids and big kids be working or playing together?
Each group has its own room.  During some science demonstration times we will have a multi age group.  At times older students will visit the younger groups to peer teach and to show off their big kid constructions.  During lunch time and some outdoor play times students from different age groups are allowed to mix.  

Who are the teachers?
Each camp is led by a Lead Teacher,  Lead Teachers are carefully selected for their fun and creative teaching style and for their experience working with their specific age group.  Lead teachers are assisted by Michael and the project managers.  Big Sky Build It! is a mentorship program in which selected teens serve as role models and project leaders for the campers. Every "pod" of four or five campers is led by their own mentor.

Do I need to pack my child's lunch and snacks?

Yes.  Send your child with a nutritious lunch and food for two snack times.  No highly sugared or caffeinated items allowed.  If your child attends extended care you will have to send them with an additional snack.

Are the workshops safe?
Over the past 20 years we have shown that kids of all ages can learn to safely use sharp tools, solder circuitry and use hot glue guns.  Our teachers and mentors receive extensive training in the safe use of tools and materials.  At Big Sky, children learn to follow rules, demonstrate responsibility and look after one another.  Your child will be proud of their initiation into the world of a real workshop/laboratory.  

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